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5th Annual Holland Corn Fest Lineman Challenge


Dear Coaches,

This is an official invitation for your “non-skilled players” to compete in this year’s 5th Annual Holland Corn Fest Lineman Challenge. We think it is extremely important for our kids to compete as much as possible. Until now, our lineman have had limited exposure to spring and summer competitions. A Lineman Challenge offers position specific events to challenge our kids and allows them to compete in a fun and safe environment. This letter is to inform you about the lineman challenge. Should you decide to participate, please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM: you can return the form via fax or email by June 9. We will take the first 10 registered teams. If interested please Contact Brad Talbert at Holland High School. Please make all checks out to “Holland Corn Festival” as they will be hosting the event.

 General Information:

Time and Place:

Saturday, June 16, 2018 – Holland City Park Holland, TX

Registration will be (7:30 am – 8:00 am)

Coaches Meeting (8:10 am)

General Meeting and Welcome (8:20)

Competition Begins (8:30 am)


1. Bench Press (205 lbs. for reps) – total for 5 team members

2. Truck Push (timed) – 5 team members, 2 attempts and take fastest time

3. Farmers Walk (timed) – total time for 5 team members

4. Tractor Tire Flip Relay (timed) – total time for 5 team members

5. Obstacle Course Relay (timed) – total time for 5 members

6. Stone Stack (timed) – total time for 5 members

7. Hand-Over-Hand Sled Pull (timed) – total time for 5 members

8. Med Ball Toss (Distance) – totaled for 5 members

We will use the Track and Field Point System for each event, winning teams will receive a trophy


$20 per athlete and each competitor will receive a t-shirt 

Team Format:

Each team will be made up of at least 5 athletes. You can have as many athletes on a team but all events only allow 5 members to compete at a time. You can have up to 2 teams if you choose to do so, based on spot availability.

You can send a JV Team and they will compete along with the other JV Teams and be scored separately.

Awards will be given for each classification.


Water will be available. Athletes will need to bring flats, cleats, gloves, sunscreen, weight belts, and any other equipment they may need.


Athletes must play on the offensive or defensive lines, no skill position players.

Athletes will respect official’s decisions and calls.

Compete hard and fair.


1. Release of Liability Form – please make copies and make sure that every athlete has a signed copy by the day of the event. May bring with you or fax.

2. School Information Sheet – this is your official team entry. Must have final roster w/shirt sizes before June 5th you can also email me with the required information.

Please include a cell or home phone contact number in case of bad weather I can contact you the night before or the morning of with any changes

3. Event Organization Sheet – this is for you to organize your team and keep track with event information.


Please contact me before June 5th to let me know how many athletes you are bringing and t-shirt sizes for each athlete so that I can get them ordered. You can send me your school information sheet with all the shirt sizes via fax or e mail.

Contact Information:

Email is the fastest way to contact us. This event we will be run by the Holland Corn Festival. Please make checks payable to: Holland Corn Festival

Brad Talbert  


School Phone – (254) 657- 0175

School Fax (254) 657 - 0172